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newmetropolis's Journal

New Metropolis
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It's a utopian city, the likes of which the world has never seen, standing as a glimmering example of what the future can hold, except this isn’t the future, this is now. The archaic cities of the rest of America seem to pale in comparison to its splendor, and yet... beneath its shining silver is a layer of rust.

Welcome to New Metropolis.

At the end of the last century, a terrific battle left the entirety of the city Metropolis demolished and the world’s greatest hero dead, his final victory also his greatest sacrifice for the city he loved. Rather than leave the rubble as a graveyard of destruction, the world’s richest philanthropists gathered together and with the aid of the Government, put forth the money to rebuild the city, bigger, better, and more grand than ever as a tribute to the man who constantly fought to protect it.

So the gates opened and the city became the grandest vision the world ever had. People flocked to it to live in the harmony it promised.

But those who built the city had no idea what lay beneath the surface. For ground saturated with the blood of the innocent and the blood of the mighty, there was more to this city than any one had ever imagined. Its majesty seemed to be more than just artifice... it seemed to be alive.

... and so with the people that flocked to become part of its history, others also felt an inexplicable call. The city became a beacon for things supernatural and unusual, setting itself up as the battleground for all that is good and all that is evil.

But while the ageless battle rages in the streets above, all involved are unaware of the greater menace that lurks far below the surface.

This is New Metropolis, the last city you’ll ever need.