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i fear that soon you'll reveal your dangerous mind. [Jul. 2nd, 2007|10:43 pm]
New Metropolis
[Current Mood |determineddetermined]

It had taken me a few unsuccessful conversations (not to mention a few unsuccessful bribes and threats) before I made my way to Fusion. It wasn't like I had a particular order of people - and other creatures - to talk to. Simply a list of names I had drawn up after my conversation with Angel. One by one, the names were getting crossed off and I was becoming slightly impatient.

I was so surprised when Angel came to me that I didn't even ask John to help. I doubt he would have enjoyed the task, anyway, and I daresay his usefulness did not lay in the finesse of questioning. Looking for signs in someone's eyes, the way they held their shoulders, the subtle changes in tone, that was what I had been raised to do. Besides, call it vanity but I wanted this job - the job Angel had asked, like a favour, me to do - to be my own.

My search for any clues of the missing girl (of course it was a missing girl, why else would Angel come to me for help, of all people? only if someone's life was in danger would he humble himself enough) led me to Raina Wallis. Raina, owner of Fusion, werewolf and a woman of particular tastes. Far it be from me to judge. Coming to speak to her was nothing personal, only that I believed, from what I knew of her, that she may know something. The girl who had disappeared, Marie D'Ancanto, was no ordinary girl, and in this city, I'm sure that she was wanted for something more than just her body or her posessions. And Raina Wallis had a few connections to those who would want a girl like that.

It was still early at the lounge, with only a few twenty-somethings and business types hanging about the banquettes. I made my way straight to the bar and beckoned the bartender over.

"Is Ms. Wallis in? I have something to discuss with her."
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(no subject) [Jun. 16th, 2007|12:32 am]
New Metropolis
Losing him once was hard enough.

But the revelation that Angel was still alive...a blow unto itself...only to have him ripped away again, that was emotionally destructive. As it was our reunion in the park had been less than fulfilling. It was what it was, but since my father was never very good at putting certain emotions on the line, and I, for that matter, really wasn't either, it just ended up more awkward than anything.

It would've definitely required healing and time.

...but time was the one thing we didn't get. Before we even had the chance to get on our path to reconciliation (again), he had to go and get himself into a bloody pulp and was now sleeping it off in an emergency wing of a special paranormal hospital somewhere. I wonder just how long a vampire can be in a coma. After all, they live for much longer than we do. By the time he wakes up, my grandchildren could be nothing more than a distant memory.

All this in so little time. It proved to be too much to handle. So I went to my safe place. My comfort zone. The place I went when I thought he died. The place...the person who built me up again.

I went to Rome.

...I went to Buffy.

Needless to say, all the news was quite the shock to her. But she's had plenty more experience with the big shocks than I have, and she is much more prepared. Apparently she had already had her fingers on the pulse of the world news, and Angel's reappearance in New Metropolis was nothing short of a media circus to begin with. By the time I got to Rome with the news of Angel's defeat at the hands of Sark, the Watcher's Council and the new Slayer Army had already been mobilizing and working on counter-tactics.

Though, thus far, no major break throughs.

I decided to stay and work on the project, do what I could where I felt I was the most helpful...where I was the most removed.

But that was before a spy within the New Metropolis branch of Wolfram & Hart sent back some very distressing news to the Council. One of our own had turned coat.

The very one who helped me refind my father.


Obviously, by going over to our most powerful foe, Wesley would prove to be a most dangerous adversary. He already knew the way we operated, already knew the weaknesses. The Council and Buffy percieved him to be the most dangerous kind of risk.

A risk we couldn't take.

At first they were leary of letting me come back. But this was a mission I wanted. We had suffered enough injustice. Enough of our own blood had been spilled. It was a war we were losing, and couldn't afford to.

...and we couldn't afford traitors. Especially trusted ones.

I was sent to apprehend Wesley Pryce.

But before this life I was known by many by another name.

I return to New Metropolis, the city which once held all my hopes for a bright future, no longer as the boy I came as.

I am Connor no more.

I return to New Metropolis...

...as The Destroyer.

Wesley...you picked the wrong day to go bad.

Cause this is going to be so much worse.
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(no subject) [Jun. 15th, 2007|12:50 pm]
New Metropolis

The simple things in life are by far the most enjoyable. The amber of a fine single malt. A cool breeze blowing across my balcony as I study the lights of the city below.

Simple is far too hard to come by.

The amber reminds me of past drinks, time spent with friends long passed. Too many friends. Far too much time.

The cool breeze raises goosebumps, my flesh chilled, reminded that I too should be in the grave. The breeze also brings the acrid reminders of destruction. Fire, chaos, death all unstoppable forces. Far from simple.

There was a palpable tension in the city, as though the collective population had been holding its breath, not a soul daring to make a move. Safer to hide in the shadows, then stand up to fight. There were those that had of course, there always will be.

Of course nobody had seen Angel in some time. Pausing to sip from my glass I dared not consider the odds he would return. If he did, Faith could handle him.

As for the rest of them, they weren't nearly up to the demands of being champion of a city. The girl, Max had come the closest, however I had left her in the detention block under Raina's supervision. The files Lindsay had left regarding Ms. Wallis were quite extraordinary. I hoped to meet her once she had satisfied herself downstairs.

I had also found the files regarding a girl who preferred the name "Rogue". Her escape had been aided by an acquaintance of mine. Logan. I couldn't but feel some empathy for the man, rescuing the girl with such drama. Rescuing the girl, how many times had I failed that same mission?

Tapping my fingers restlessly along the rim of my glass I looked down, examining the ledge of my balcony with a single minded focus. Twisting my wrist I let the glass fall, fifty seven stories down. There was no sound of shattering, not at this height. The sound of sirens in the distance was a constant presence in New Metropolis.

Turning away from the view, I picked up the phone, calling down to the valet. "I need my car brought around. Two minutes."
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(no subject) [Jun. 14th, 2007|01:08 pm]
New Metropolis
It never was about good or evil.

Unlike some of these so-called "heroes" and "villains," it was always a lot more simple for me. I didn't care about one or the other.

I cared about winning.

...and it just so happened that evil was more likely to win 95% of the time. If you don't have play by the rules, you have the advantage. That is not to say that I won't lend a helping hand on occasion, but it has to help me, if you understand my reasoning.

But the cut and dry of it is...I won.

I float above the city looking down at the chaos below. It wasn't exactly my intention to bring this great metropolis to its knees, but in proving I was in control...it just happened, and thus are the spoils of war.

The vampiric champion known as Angel was no longer a concern, the city no longer had him to look to protect them. I had no idea one could put a vampire into a coma, but when he woke up, whenever that may be...tomorrow...or a hundred years from now...how disappointing it would be for him to discover that not only had I pound his over-pretentious, smug ass into the pavement, but the city he was sworn to be champion of was no longer under his care.

Now, they had only me.

I decided who prospered now.

I decided who lost.

Cause that...

...is what winners do.
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The Return [May. 3rd, 2007|10:53 am]
New Metropolis
The city was burning.

Outside in the streets, demons, thugs, and vampires ran rampant. In the skies, this devil that the news had dubbed as "Sark" was flying loose. He was quite elusive and fast, and had pretty much crushed all hope when he trounced Angel into the ground.

Angel lived, but barely. He was still recovering, I was told.

...and I...I did nothing.

The phone call came, I ignored it. Instead, I took Maria out for coffee to work on a business plan.


What had I become? Had I allowed the death of Superman and that day so long ago to crush any shred of who I once was? Had I died and become my father in the wake of such tragedy? Allowing only my world to carry on, not caring about the world out there?

I stand in the quietness of my office, the fire in the fire place a quiet crackle. Such a surreal scene, as opposed to the chaos I was viewing down on the streets. I had sent Maria home. She was frightened, I didn't blame her. Once she was upstairs and locked in, I'd have security watching her place, much like they were here. Explaining the somehow miraculous event that my building had thus far gone untouched.

I watch as a car gets flipped below me, and let out a slow breath.

I turn and look over my shoulder. My eyes narrow.

I press a button on my intercom on the desk.

"Mercy. We've got work to do."

I cross and pull the bow down off the wall.

It was time for JUSTICE


It's amazing how well the suit still fits. It's invigorating, the life it gives, the memories it provides. All at once I am him again. I'm not Oliver.

I'm the Green Arrow.

...and the Green Arrow is pissed.

I dash along the rooftops scanning the streets, senses open.

A scream to my left.

A glance downward, a girl cornered into an alley. Three figured advancing on her. Their bumpy faces tell me all I need to know.


Like a flash I grab three arrows from my quiver, and in tandem pull them into the bow and let loose.

The three arrows fly downwards, carriers of wooden death, and explode through the chests of each vampire...who in turn erupts into a cloud of dust.

I scale down the fire escape nearest me and dash across the alley to help the girl up.

"Are you okay?"

"Who...who are you?"

"Who am I? I..."

I grin.

"...I'm back."

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(no subject) [Apr. 10th, 2007|01:01 am]
New Metropolis
Marie asks me to stay with her until she falls asleep, and so I do. It doesn't take too long; kid's exhausted. I sit on a chair and watch her, looking at the way her chest rises and falls, slowly sinking into the quiet breathing of sleep. The air is thick with the smell of fried chicken and cigarette smoke and Marie's shampoo, and I can feel the two feet between us like an ache under my ribs.

When at last I'm sure that she's asleep, I grab a clean change of clothes from the pile of laundry I never put away and take it into my tiny bathroom. I lock the door for the first time, and put the shower on full blast. I expect the water to be freezing, since Rogue did take a shower earlier and the Nag's Head isn't renowned for its water pressure, but instead the water is scalding hot. It makes my skin turn red, and the pressure of the water is like needles on my skin. I jerk off violently and silently under the scalding water, and my arousal is more like anger than pleasure.

I dry off roughly, the old towel scraping my skin, and fling on my clothes. Quietly I step out of the bathroom and glance at Rogue. She's still lying in the same position. Good. I find my shoes and then head downstairs into the pub.

"Are there cage fights tonight?" I ask Mary, the barman. "I want to play."

Yeah, I've got a few things I want to work off.

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How did people find anything before there was an internet? [Mar. 24th, 2007|03:58 pm]
New Metropolis
[Current Location |New Metropolis University]

Having turned down my offer to go over to campus as a team, Dawn went to talk to that Angel guy while I settled myself in a corner of the NMU cafeteria to do my dirty work. It was turning out to be a very good first day in New Metropolis. A case to work on, mystery, intrigue, missing persons... and two people who could possibly turn out to be useful acquaintances, if not friends. And hey, I hadn't made any enemies yet. It's nice to know that places still exist where my reputation doesn't precede me.

I connected to the school's WiFi network and began my search. The student database listed no fewer than 112 Marie's, but after a half hour's hard perusing and a swift dodge around a security barrier, I found that only one was employed at the Firefly Lounge. Marie D'Ancanto: complete file with photograph, class lists, address, and emergency contact (a guy named Logan, listed as a family friend). I created a file on my hard drive and saved all the information. Hello Marie, I'm sure we'll be meeting each other very soon.

I shut down my laptop and contemplated going to talk to one of her professors. It was just after noon, and the cafeteria was starting to fill up. Most of the professors would probably be eating now too, so I decided to grab a bite and continue sluething after lunch. A girl has to keep up her strength.

[Open to anyone at NMU :)]
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(no subject) [Mar. 10th, 2007|05:37 pm]
New Metropolis

[Current Location |Wolfram and Hart]

William the Bloody, alive and well in New Metropolis. Actually, not quite alive but all the same he seems to exist. Which I'm sure will give Angel quite the conniption. Not that it affects my state of being much these days. Angel seems to be doing quite well with his reformed Champion Investigations without me. Luckily for me, I have a previous employment contract to fall back upon. Lilah had given a bit of extra language to my unique deal with Wolfram and Hart. As it turns out, a lifetime contract can extend for a good period of time when one is prevented from ending a life. Alcohol abuse it seems, is nowhere near the top of my list of worries.

"Of course Mr. Hart. No, I don't foresee any permanent roadblocks for Ms. Faith and I to understand one another." Pausing I listened intently to the phone, remembering each word exactly as it was spoken. The last thing I had expected was for two lawyers to fetch me from the Nag's Head for a conference call with a Senior Partner. "Yes, certainly, I'll be placing the Macdonald investigation at the top of my action list." So, it seemed the prodigal son had been executed. An action upper management would not take lightly. The click of an electric motor caused me to look up at the flat screen monitor which had dropped down from the ceiling. The conference room I had been brought too was vacant save for myself. The blinds had been drawn after I had arrived and now the lights dimmed. Watching the screen in fascination I realized this was footage of Lindsey's final minutes on earth. The clarity of the tape was quite good as a shadow approached behind him, a sword flashing in the light as its blade cut into the lawyers neck. So long Lindsey. The camera caught only a split second of the assassin in the light. A turtle man? How intriguing.

On the table the phone trilled and picked up the handset. "Pryce. What is it?" The slightly condescending tone I'd adopted during my previous tenure with the firm was already reforming in my voice. Time to meet with my new partner in crime. Although she didn't exactly realize it yet. Leaving the conference room I strolled down the hallway. Remarkable, Wolfram and Hart had managed to reuse the exact same floor plan as their Los Angeles office. Leave it to accounting to only commission one architect for every office in their corporation. Entering the CEOs corner office I took a seat in the leather chair, swiveling around to look out the windows. Strange, to think a man's last moments had been spent in this very chair. Yes, this would do nicely. Hearing the door open behind me I heard the footsteps stop from around the desk.

"Lovely day is it not?"

(Open to Faith)
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(no subject) [Mar. 4th, 2007|11:03 am]
New Metropolis

[Current Mood |predatorypredatory]

The business trip had been a successful one. I acquired a new business that would earn me a fist full of money and was able to fuck and eat locals at my leisure. While I was away, the city was rampaged by a man who stole Superman's powers. Quite ingenious really. Doesn't every little boy dream of being Superman? I tipped my ad at this human, though. He took the power without the morality. He sounds like a man after my own blood lust.

The city was a wee bit mussed when I returned. Humans were very industrious and would no doubt rebuild everything the way it was. I was a little disappointed that I missed the smell of death in the air from all the crushed humans. It was a shame I missed it. One could only hope another mad man would go on a killing spree now that I was back in town.

I spent the morning at my bar, going over invoices and ledgers. The afternoon was spent with employees who needed time off or had problems that needed discussing. Once all issued were resolved, I headed home to shower, because I needed a night off and out. I dressed and lotioned and did a small amount of facial reconstruction. If I felt the need to eat my prey tonight, I wouldn't be recognized. I stepped into the smokey bar and inhaled the scent of my dinner.

[Open to anyone in the bar]
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(no subject) [Mar. 4th, 2007|10:30 am]
New Metropolis

[Current Mood |busybusy]

A portal appeared and I walked through, stepping over the decapitated head of a worthless demon. As the doorway closed, I turned and stared at the carnage left in my wake. My chest swelled as I stared down at the sleeping human child in my arms. I could have allowed the feeble being to be eaten, but something in me said no. Whether it was the last remnants of the shel I wore bleeding through or the humanity clinging to me like muck and grime, I did not know. Whatever the reason, the child lived and my stomach turned at the fact a small part of me rejoiced at this knowledge.

It needed its own kind and the one called John Constantine would know the place that housed its kind. Tough the sun burned bright in the sky, the city was darker. A force had been here while I was away. The force used, what humans called 'good' in evil form. The shift in the air felt like needles pricking my skin. ANger rose through me like waves on a shore. Weak, ignorant humans. I leave this realm and in my absence their stupidity has shaken the very roots of the entire world.

Stepping over trash and filth in alleys, I headed in search of the demon hunter. Turning a corner, brought me face to face with a demon. It growled and tried to snatch the child from my arms. Holding the child under my left arm, my right came around and caught the demon in the face, throwing it back into the wall with considerable force. The child woke and stared at me in fear, "Stay here, or I will feed your miserable hide to that thing," and I pointed at the demon charging me. I could smell the demons anger and hunger as it tried to rake it's claws down my face. Moving to the right, I smashed the back of the demon's head with my right fist and watched it lay sprawled on the ground. I wanted free of this child and fighting a demon only prolonged my exposure to it. Before the beast was able to move from its belly, I moved behind it and snapped its neck.

I grabbed the child, now silently crying against my shoulder and continued in the direction of the one called Constantine. In my anger, I found myself at the door of John Constantine without remembering the journey. I called out his name and waited.

[Open to John Constantine]
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(no subject) [Mar. 4th, 2007|10:20 am]
New Metropolis

[Current Mood |hopefulhopeful]

The voice on the phone wasn't familiar, but my heart was in my throat after she said what she said.

"Hello...is this Jason Schuyler?"
"Who wants to know?"
"My name is Millicient Harper. I work for your mother. Mr. Schuyler...your mother..."
"What...what's happened?"
"She's dying and...there's not much time. She's asking for you."

I was on a flight within the hour.

I spent sleepless nights feeding my mother ice ships as Millie administered morphine for her pain. Long, draining days were spent cleaning my mother as though she were an infant and feeding her like one, too. She faded quickly and painfully and my heart broke each day for the strong woman who taught me to tie my shoes, brush my teeth, and to distinguish right from wrong.

I spent the last day by her side, reading her favorite book, Wuthering Heights, to her. She slid her hand into mine, looking into my eyes and said, "JJ, baby, I love you. And no matter who or what you become in this life...I will always...always be proud of you." I swallowed back the tears, found my voice, and told her, "Mama, you are my hero and I'm thankful everyday that I am lucky enough to have you as my mom and role model." She died with the tears wet on her cheeks and still hot on mine.

The plane touched down without incident and I made my way home. The apartment was dark and quiet when I arrived and crawled into bed. The next morning I took a hot shower and went in search of breakfast. After four bowls of Fruity Pebbles, I threw on some clothes and went down to Angel's office, hoping I still had a job.

[Open to anyone on the street or at the office]
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(no subject) [Feb. 27th, 2007|08:20 am]
New Metropolis
I sit in front of my basket of fries and twirl one in my fingers casually, my head resting in my other hand and I let out a huge sigh.

It's been like, months, and I think I finally have realized that Spike has...

I let out a sniffle.

...dumped me.

Not like, dumped, cause I mean, I'm not like that. But I mean dumped he found better friends to hang out with. Probably some hot ladies or some like, leather coat wearing vampires that were more like him. I KNEW I shouldn't have pushed him to watch Star Trek V: The Final Frontier. That's the one that drives everyone away.

But I refuse to believe that it's a bad movie. I mean, like, yeah sure, William Shatner wasn't the best writer/director in history, so maybe that's when it went awry, but the fact of the matter is...he was still Captain Kirk, and Captain Kirk in any scenario is enough to please me.

Apparently not everyone felt that way. I guess Spike was just a Picard man. That's fair, some people were.

Even so, I was without my partner in crime. I was like Mulder without Scully (which happened for 7 episodes in the second season when she was abducted...yesssssss score one of Andrew's on point trivia...I truly am awesome), and how could we find the truth out there when there was just one of us here?

On top of that, I still hadn't really made any leeway on the mission that Mr. Giles had sent me on. I hadn't found one supersoldier or whatever they were supposed to be and I was starting to worry that my future with the Watcher's Council was in jeopardy. I mean, I've messed up missions before, but I usually did it quickly. This, however, was a slow burn. It was the boiling pot of screw ups. It was taking a while, but it was bound to happen...and I feel that would frustrate them even more than ever.

I take a bite of my fry. At least I had my salty potato goodness. It seems like all I had in the world. I didn't have didn't have Spike to hang out with. I didn't have any idea how long I'd have my job, and I didn't...



What the HECK?!


...and I didn't have any idea where I was.

After the bright light flash subsides and the brief feeling of confusion that every Leap brings on, I shake my head and look around. As per usual, the surroundings weren't very familiar and I could be at any point in history, let alone know who's body I was in.

I suddenly detect the faint taste of potato and realize that there is a french fry dangling out of my mouth. Apparently whomever I had leapt into was in the middle of enjoying his afternoon snack when I had.

Oh boy.

I open my mouth and let the fry fall back onto the plate and then do the first and most obvious thing to find out just who the heck I was...I reach in my back pocket for my wallet.

His wallet.

My wallet?

It gets confusing. I mean, to everyone else here nothing has changed. I look just like the guy that I was supposed to be. The only people who could see me for me were...me...and Al, and the occasional otherworldly types, but those were rare in travels. That said, I still was uncertain as to the protocol of how to refer to myself while I was in the body of another.

Cause technically I was me. But I was them too.

Ah well.

...and apparently them was named "Andrew Wells", or at least that's what his Driver's License said. I was apparently in appearance a 20 something male with spikey blonde hair, and a...

uh...Star Trek Official Fan Club card next to my driver's license.

What was I doing here in the body of some sci-fi fan? I had a feeling this wasn't going to be my average leap.


((Open to Al and anyone who wants to happen into the diner))
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arrival of the girl sleuth [Feb. 16th, 2007|05:10 pm]
New Metropolis
[Current Location |Firefly Lounge]

I was startled awake by my flight's bumpy landing at New Metropolis International. That was funny--I usually had trouble sleeping on planes. I guess that's the benefit of flying red-eye. I stretched carefully in my seat and gathered up my coat and shoulder bag as the large woman next to me heaved herself into the aisle.

I peeked out my window at the chilly wintery morning. It was certainly going to be a change from Neptune. Real weather! And seasons! And--dare I think it?--snow! Despite being born and bred a SoCal girl, I was looking forward to the change of scenery.

At baggage claim, I found my suitcases easily enough, then hailed a cab to the Daily Planet office. I met up with Jimmy Olsen, the man I was interning under, and he showed me around a bit. After I got the feel of the place, he told me I was expected in at 9am on Monday, and got me a cab. I left with a grin--interning under Superman's photographer was a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and I intended to make the most of it.

The cab took me to my hotel and I dropped off my suitcases. Pointless to sleep now; I had to acclimate to the time difference. And what better for acclimating than coffee? According to the concierge, there was (luckily) a "nifty little cafe" right around the corner, the Firefly. Laptop by my side, I made my way there and ordered a large black coffee and settled into a cushy seat to look up some prospective weekend events.

[Open! Come say hi, Veronica's going to need some friends :)]
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this industry is venomous with cold-blooded sentiment [Feb. 4th, 2007|08:36 pm]
New Metropolis

[Current Mood |contemplativecontemplative]

I didn't look up at the clock until the sun was about to set. I was so immersed in studying the files that someone left on my doorstep, I didn't realize how much time had gone by. I hadn't gone to class, I hadn't eaten anything, I hadn't done that research that the Council wanted like, last week.

But it was okay, because this was major.

Slowly, I flipped the folder closed and sat back in my chair, staring straight ahead. I couldn't keep this news to myself. I had to talk to someone, because if Wolfram and Hart were actually going to go through with these plans... well, the world was going to be in a whole new kind of trouble. And lots of it.

I could call the Council, or Buffy. But I didn't really want to get them involved. Especially Buffy. I totally knew she was going to ship me back to Rome, or maybe the moon, until she figured everything out and determined it safe for everyone else. Even through I'm totally not like, twelve anymore. She's got kind of a complex.

And the Council would just hum and groan and clean its collective glasses a lot, and a fat lot of good that would be. They're great with demon languages and translations and all, but when something major threatens the world we live in, they don't quite come through the right way.



Practically knocking my chair over, I run to the living room and dig last Sunday's paper out of the recycling. Something had caught my eye, but I didn't act on it yet. Now just might be the time. I flip through the paper, scanning the pages until I spot a simple, modest sort of ad in the corner.

Champions, Inc.

Tara told me about it before, but I totally forgot. Angel's firm-business-thinger. Here was someone who's always good for a problem of the Apocalypse kind.

One quick shower and a change of clothes later, I caught the subway to the neighborhood where his office was. It was not too far from the University District - a quiet, cute sort of street, a little brownstone, dusty, non-pretentious. Is this Angel's sort of place. It was just then I realized I didn't really know anything about Angel. Just stuff I heard from other people. And everyone who ever talked about him was kind of, well, biased.

Well, better late than never, or something.

The folder tucked under my arm, I went up the stairs and into the little office. Cute. A little dusty. Modest and minimalist - or maybe he hadn't moved in completely yet. I dunno.

"Hello? Um, Angel?"
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Continued from before. Dana/Angel [Feb. 1st, 2007|11:56 am]
New Metropolis

"Are they?" A soft, sisssing voice, like twisted shadow, whispered out of the darkness and wound itself around the little culdesac, sssing at Dana and Angel. "SSsssafe?" A deep throated feminine laugh, intermixed with sssing sounds, echoed through the darkness. "Bad heroesss... broke all my toyssss..."

I tense instantly, peering around, trying to figure out where the sound is coming from. I crouch ever so slightly, standing in a protective stance over the two girls. I won't let anything else happen to them. I'd die first.

"Who's there?! Show yourself!"

I lurched up to my feet as a slender form in a long, black, clinging dress that seemed to me made out of shadow and cobwebs emerged from the darkness. Her dark hair cascaded down the sides of an incredibly pale face and were gnarled and tangled with cobwebs and bits of little insects. There was something sickening about the way she moved, too, as if she was was not quite slithering. She glided around the edge of the alleyway, towards Dana, sssing as she went. "I am Sssshaddoww..."

"..the hell..." I mutter under my breath, ready to rip this thing's head off if it came too close to these two girls. I cast questioning glance towards Angel, before peering back at this creature.. It looked nothing like anything I've seen, nor anything any Slayer has encountered before.

I sniffed the air, stepping closer to Dana and the Shadow, pushing the pain in my chest and shoulder out of my mind. "She's human," I told Dana, quietly, eyeing the Shadow with a dark gaze. "...or, close enough."

"Close enough," she said, giving me a derisive look. "More than you, anyway."

I looked towards Angel for a moment longer, before finally looking towards the..'human' once more. "What.. What do you want?"

"I want my meal," She said, laughing quietly. "After my toyssss were done with them, I get to feed, you see." She slid around Dana's back and sisssed at Dana's neck, then snaped out with her teeth, which were sharp and inhumanly pointed, and nipped the air by Dana's neck. "I do hate having to catch my own mealssss."

I spin around instantly, my face only a few inches away from.. it's. "You lay a single hand on these girls and I swear.." I don't care what it is.. what it can do.. what it wants. I refuse to back away from it.
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(no subject) [Jan. 29th, 2007|01:14 am]
New Metropolis

So, Faith and I had shagged. Got to say, shagging a slayer definitely ranks up there with killing one. Never felt muscles like that - and as for stamina, well, she put me through my paces. We did it three times, I think, before she decided to go to sleep. Course, she kicked me out then, which I was expecting. Don't reckon Faith wanted me to snuggle up to. Told her I'd see her around if she fancied a repeat performance, cos I'd be mental to turn that down. If only uptight Buffy had been a bad girl like Faith, I might've liked Sunnydale better.

'Course, in this world, it turned out I had sampled Miss Summers' charms. 'Least, a version of me had. Which was a pretty weird thought. Loving Buffy, shaggin' her - and, worst of all, saving the world for her! This world's me should be glad he was dead, I reckon, cos otherwise I might have had to tell him what a poof he was.

I shrugged off these uneasy thoughts and headed back to the hotel room I was currently sharing with Andrew, making it there just before dawn. Of course he wanted to know where I'd been, but I shook off his questions. Really am tempted to bite the bugger, but he might prove useful. An' the Council is paying the tab on the room, which amuses me. What would they say if they knew they were payin' for the bed and board of William the Bloody?

Grinning, I fell asleep.

I slept through the whole day and awoke at sunset, aching in all the right places. In the shower I surveyed the bruises Faith had given me. Nice souvenirs. By this point I was starving, so I headed out to hunt.

I went to a bar. There were a couple of nice looking girls I thought I might chat up and lead outside for a snack, but then something caught my eye. Someone very familiar, just walking out of the door. Xander bleeding Harris. Only one eye, which was a bit weird. S'pose some demon finally had taken a bite out of him. Was always a bit surprised he'd managed to last so long on the hellmouth.

Slowly, my mouth curved into a smile. Well, wouldn't this be interesting?

I followed him quietly down an alleyway. He must've sensed me, though, cos he turned around, and seeing me, his eyes widened.

"Spike! Spike? But - you're dead," he said, staring at me slack jawed.

"Ten points for observation, mate," I said, lighting a cigarette. "Got any other pearls of wisdom to share?"

"But - you burned up. Under Sunnydale. How - what - Does Buffy know you're here?"

"No one knows," I said, smiling at him, and I stepped closer. "Y'know, I've wanted to do this for a long time."


"Hurt you," I said agreeably, and ground out the cigarette on his cheek. He screamed and pressed his hand to his face, and then I bit him.

If I'd been Angelus, I'd probably have strung this whole thing out. Taken him home, tied him up, tortured him. But I'd come to realise doing that sort of thing generally meant my prey got taken from me by someone interfering like Buffy. So I drank fast and hard, and then dropped him on the ground.

Time for another drink, I reckoned, and so I headed towards The Nag's Head with a spring in my step, whistling as I went.

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I'll give you your dreams [Jan. 22nd, 2007|05:21 pm]
New Metropolis

[Current Mood |creativewhimsical]

My evening with Dawn had been instructive, I reflected, and although Dawn had not proved as amenable as I had anticipated, I had high hopes for her. Yes.

I stretched and lay my leg across the arm of my throne. Today the penthouse Hoggle had found me was wearing a wintery look; I had conjured ice sculptures and walls made of snow. I sipped at my glass. Hoggle had brought me water, crystal clear and cold as death, from the Spring of Eternal Night, and served it in a goblet made of Atlantean silver. I like to set him these little challenges to keep him on his toes. The goblet was really quite lovely, I reflected, turning it around in my gloved hands, and then I tossed it away and strode to the window, the only piece of this apartment that tended to stay the same. I liked to look out over the rooftops of New Metropolis. Strange steel spires bit the sky, which had a gloomy cast today. In the streets below I could see the antlike crawling of busy workers, who never once glanced skywards.

Well, I would change that. Today I was in the mood for playfulness. I had given my chambers a wintry cast because a girl had dreamed about snowfall last night; I had glimpsed it as I moved between dreams, stepping from the fantasy I had conjured Dawn through other dreams until I returned here. She had given me a longing for frost.

And why not? I pondered, stroking the head of an ice sculpture, which in this case was of a deer, one foot raised from the snow, head half-cocked.
"Let's give them a little fun, shall we?" I said to the deer, who seemed to agree. First, however, I needed an outfit, for I would be glimpsed by the public today, and one aims to please. I considered for a moment, and then created a great white cape, edged with grey fur, and long boots the colour of milk. My hair glittered with snowflakes that would not melt. And then I transported myself from the fiftieth floor to the ground, and found that the dream I had created was ready for me as I opened the lobby doors.

For three blocks of this city, there was snow. Perfect, gleaming snow. Oh, and I had temporarily removed some of the more unattractive buildings and replaced them with silver birches. The sky over this part of the city alone was a brilliant blue, and everywhere there were sculptures of ice - birds and fountains and beasts.

Of course, not everyone would be able to see it; I have not that much power, at least not in this world. Mostly people would just walk around the area, not aware they were avoiding it. But a few people, finding themselves with a strange yearning for snow, would walk here, even if it were far out of their way.

As I thought this, the first first dreamers began to arrive, their faces filled with puzzled wonderment. And I? Climbed a tree I had strung with silver pears, and watched them come and go.

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(no subject) [Dec. 18th, 2006|12:31 am]
New Metropolis
Sometimes, when it is real quiet and you listen very closely, there is a sound. You may not hear it at first, but if you really focus, all at once it will creep into your eardrums, like a slow wave on the beach.

A soft buzzing, as if a thousand little gnats were beating their wings at once.

It seems harmless, but a little unsettling. The first noise to break your concentration and it's gone. You'll convince yourself you never heard it and after a nanosecond it's so far from your thoughts, you won't ever remember you did.

But in that moment, that forgotten second, you did hear it.

...and it heard you.

Those are the demons of Hell.

Millions of them, whispering, just beyond the fence of this world. Their voices a sound that would suggest the very raping of the natural order. In moments you get a chill, or feel uneasy...it's cause you caught a listen, even though your mind doesn't remember it.

The human mind is designed not to. You'd go mad if you did.

Trust me.

I know.


To spring someone from Hell is no easy task. To do it unintentionally, that requires something tremendously large: the murder of an angel, the genocide of a country...

...an extremely unstable and large magic spell.

For every action of magic, there is a reaction.

...and whoever made the mistake of pulling me out of the deepest depths of the inferno, well...I assume that whatever action they did, it was big.

Ironic, that I was ripped back to this realm to find myself in the place they dub the "City of Angels", Los Angeles. If only they knew.

It had been some time since I had been in the Earthen realm, or at least I thought so. The way time worked here was much different than in the nether regions of darkness, but I knew it had been a while. The last I had been here, I was on the opposite end of this decadent Rome that the modern agers referred to as America. In the city of New York.

I aided the Hellspawn, who was easily tricked into thinking we were working on behalf of the Heavens. I trained him, mentored him, and he never once questioned that it was all a lie. The first lesson to be learned about the denizens of Hell, truth was not our strong point.

But there was eventually a revolution on the seventh ring, and I was trapped back in the fires. Forgotten, the victim of my deception now aware of what his mentor was...who he was.


In every sense of the word.

So there I stayed, eternity before me.

...and now, this.

How unexpected.

But the magic had not only freed me, it had...restored me. No longer was I the old man, withered and decrepid sorceror...my youth returned. I was as I was in the days prior to the fall of man. Before judgement.

I was whole.

...and my blood ran hot.

My youth had returned, but my experience remained. I was back on Earth, but Hell was on my side...

...it was time to take back what was rightfully mine.

But first things are first.

I pull the dusty old trench coat on over my bare shoulders, the cool material soothes my hot flesh. My eyes follow the blood smear on the brick wall down to its origin: a transient who happened to have what I needed: Earthly attire. His death had been simple, collison of his head with the wall with enough force to crack his skull. Removing teeth, that had just been for fun.

I slip my fingers slowly down into the pocket in which they had been placed, a jagged, moist mess. I smooth my thumb over what feels to be his molar and smile.

I step out of the alley and look right and left. I choose my direction, and walk slowly, the traffic of people going this way and that is invigorating. So much life.

I could just imagine it all in one bleeding pile.

It's enough to make a man smile.

My eyes catch the folded creases of the crier's work, a newspaper. I scan the front, my eyes locking on a series of words, and I smile.

I turn from the paper stand and look about, locating the nearest cross walk. I make my way over, stepping out to traffic, I hold up my hand. Immediately several of the vehicles come to a halt. I glance them all over, assessing each one, I walk through the line of immobile cars slowly.

My eyes narrow as I see the large behemoth before me, and I instantly know what I desire. Sure the choice was extravagant, and slightly inconspicous, but I owed it to myself, didn't I?

Why take one motorist, when I could have dozens?

I knock on the glass door of the bus, and the driver tugs the latch, removing the seperation between us.

"Are you fuckin' nuts buddy? Get off the road!"

"You. You will drive me to New Metropolis."

"What? Does this look like an airplane to you? You're crazy. Get off the damn road. This is the bus, I don't leave the city."

I step up onto the grated metal steps into the vehicle's interior, and up into the bus major, I turn and see a young girl, mid-20's perhaps, sitting in the first seat.

I smile at her.

There is a moment of silence, wherein nothing occurs...and then it happens. Faint at first. A smell which must be unfamiliar to them, but I would identify easily...brimstone. The girl starts twitching, uncomfortable at the beginning, but it is only when she starts screaming uncontrollably that the rest of the passengers take notice.

She is burning, without flames. The sight is likely unbearable for them, the popping flesh, the cracking blisters, and all the blood. What is the worst though, is the eyes...how they run down her face.

Public transportation was never pretty.

Seconds later, it is over, and the young co-ed slumps forward, smoke curling off her now ashen body.

I turn back to the driver.

"You say you don't leave the city? Well I say today you do."

I hear the bus door clap shut behind me, and I smile.

I clap my hands together as I turn to face the silent passengers, the bus beguns to hum along the street.

"So...who has an open seat?"

((Not quite open...coming soon to New Metropolis))
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(no subject) [Dec. 12th, 2006|02:52 pm]
New Metropolis

Continued From: http://community.livejournal.com/newmetropolis/13791.html

Oh god.

Even with the Emerald token, he was faster than me. Or maybe I just ... didn't know how to use it right. He plunged through the skies down towards the surface, and I dashed after him, but the air drag on my wings was slowing me down. Could I fly without them?

I squeezed my eyes shut as I plunged towards the Earth, hot on Sark's heels, and envisioned my dive without the wings. Suddenly I was slipping through the clouds like a dark, without any drag or updraft against my wings. I tore through the clouds and plunged towards the surface, only to come up short a few hundred feet in the air above the streets of New Metropolis.

New Metropolis was burning. Read more...Collapse )

(Open to Game.)
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(no subject) [Dec. 11th, 2006|03:56 am]
New Metropolis
[Current Mood |melancholymelancholy]

Eventually Dean and I lost Dad's trail. I guess subconsciously I knew it was going to happen. We still got the occasionall call from one of Dad's old acquaitances, and we read the newspapers, and drove to whatever place was calling us. A vampire in the Midwest, some kid raised a zombie in Massachusetts. Old tricks. But now there was no driving force behind the hunt.

Dean and I were in Memphis when we got a message. Well, two messages. Coordinates, in Dad's usual style. Only they were different.

Dean's were in California.

Mine were across the country. In this place called New Metropolis.

I hated to split up, argued against it, but you know Dean. Dad's word is law. If he wanted us to split up, then we were splitting up and there was nothing I could do about it. Sometimes I think he's right, Dad wouldn't want us to separate without a good reason, but I hate the thought of a whole country between us and Dad himself who knows where. It's a lot of miles.

I'm not in school anymore, I don't have Jessica or my friends or any of that, and now I don't even have Dean. And I haven't had Dad in a long time.

But we still went.

Dean took the Impala (yeah right, like he'd ever let me out of his sight with that car) and I caught a string of buses across the country. Slept most of the way. It was six in the morning when I woke up as the Greyhound pulled into the station at New Metropolis. The sky was barely getting light, and the city looked grey and kind of unwelcoming. But I didn't want to judge on first appearances, so I slung my duffel bag on my back and went to find a motel. Registered with one of Dean's scam credit cards (someday I'll find a real job; but not now) and locked myself in the room to sleep.

I woke up around noon with my stomach practically cramping up with hunger. I hadn't eaten anything since a late lunch the previous day, before I got on the Greyhound, so I took a quick shower and asked the girl at the front desk about food. She recommended the Firefly. So off I went.

It's a typical college hangout. Really made me miss Stanford. But that's another life. It made me kinda melancholy, though. I could keep it at bay when Dean was around, but on my own it felt weird. Hopefully I can do whatever it is Dad wants me to do and then Dean can go back to traveling the country together.

I get in line behind a couple of giggling college girls and order a cup of coffee and a sandwich, then take it to a table by the corner. But I don't eat. I just watch people. Space out.
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